Jiuzhai Tour

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      After the successful holding of Chengfei technology exchange meeting on May 8, the company arranged the marketing department colleagues to travel to Huanglong, Jiuzhai, and the next day started a happy journey. Along the way, Dujiangyan and Wenchuan, which were severely affected by the 5.12 earthquake, are now more beautiful after reconstruction. I'm here to sigh the warmth of the motherland. From the early summer of Chengdu to the winter of Huanglong, and then to the spring like rain in Jiuzhai, the whole way is sunny and pleasant. Huanglong is well known for its calcified colorful pool. Jiuzhaigou is named after nine Tibetan villages in the valley. It is famous for "six wonders" of cuihai, Diebao, Cailin, Xuefeng, Cangqing and Lanbing. No matter how many words can not describe the real beauty of Jiuzhai Huanglong, let the photos tell you!
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