World radar Expo 2013

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With the approval of the general equipment department (gjhz [2013] No. 147), the "2013 world radar Expo" sponsored by China radar industry association, China Poly Group Corporation, China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. and China Electronic Technology Group Corporation is scheduled to be held in Beijing exhibition hall from October 16 to 18, 2013.

Exhibition time:
October 14-15, 2013
Exhibition time:
October 16-18, 2013 (9:00-16:30)

Move out time:
16:30, October 18, 2013
"2013 world radar Expo" will focus on the display of military police, dual-use radar systems, equipment, technology and products of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and hold academic forums.

Exhibition content:
The Expo will focus on the radar system, equipment, technology and products of upstream and downstream industrial chains for military, police and civil use. There are:
1. Independent radar system and system networking on sea, land, air and space-based platforms;
2. Management, methods, tools and environment of various databases, modeling and design development / verification software of radar system, subsystem and equipment; simulation technology and system;
3. Radar subsystem, equipment and technology such as radar antenna, feeder, servo, transmitting, receiving, signal processing, data processing and display;
4. Key components of radar, such as microwave and RF components and modules, key components of rotating hinge and slip ring, high frequency power supply, etc;
5. Microwave vacuum power devices, microwave semiconductor power devices, system chips, special integrated circuits and other key microelectronic devices, optoelectronic devices, various sensors, special connectors and cables of micromotors, which are matched with radar systems and equipment;
6. Network system, all kinds of data link, communication system and terminal equipment matched with radar;
7. Radar electronic countermeasure system, equipment and technology; all kinds of electronic reconnaissance system, equipment and technology;
8. All kinds of new passive radar system, equipment and technology; response identification system, equipment and technology;
9. Command, control, detection, communication, navigation and other systems, equipment and technologies for Public security, fire fighting, anti-terrorism, emergency rescue, disaster relief, anti smuggling, and marine rights and interests protection;
10. Command and control, detection, communication, navigation and other systems, equipment and technologies related to air, water and land traffic control;
11. All kinds of weather radar, system networking, equipment and technology;
12. Network security and information protection, satellite navigation and geographic information system, intelligent security and image analysis wireless sensor network and other systems, equipment and technologies;
13. Far / near-field performance of antenna system, electromagnetic compatibility of radar system, environmental test, anti electromagnetic information leakage and other tests, test system, equipment and technology;
14. New technology, new material, new technology, comprehensive and special test instrument and system related to radar system and equipment;
15. Supporting power supply, power station, shelter and other equipment and technology.
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